Flashback Friday: Musical Blast From The Past

As I said in a previous post, I've noticed that my iPod has a scary amount of songs. Alongside that, I'm terrified my iPod will die on me as a result. I've had one large capacity iPod years ago which died a year and three months after I bought it - R.I.P. AmiE. This past … Continue reading Flashback Friday: Musical Blast From The Past


YouTube Spotlight: AJ Rafael

It's no surprise that I've been on a Filipino music, TV, and movie kick the past few months, so lately I've been trying to take a few steps away from OPM and have been taking a good look at my iPod (which I just discovered has an obscene amount of songs, it's slightly embarrassing  lol). … Continue reading YouTube Spotlight: AJ Rafael

My Perfect Matte Lipstick

As a make up lover, I can't deny the constant "need" to find the newest, hottest makeup item. Along with that I've been in search for the perfect matte lipstick. There are a ton of matte lipsticks out in the market, but more often than not the problem is with the formula. Most of the time, … Continue reading My Perfect Matte Lipstick


DIY Crafty Reblog – Nail Polish Rack

This following post is actually taken from my Tumblr from a few years ago. My nail polish collection has continued to grow and can't actually fit in this whole rack. Whoops. However, I still find that this is a fun, inexpensive DIY storage option for those with many nail polishes. Hope this helps you. ***** … Continue reading DIY Crafty Reblog – Nail Polish Rack


Motown Monday: Boyz II Men In Concert

I think I can remember the very first time I ever heard Boyz II Men. It was 1992 and I was in the First Grade. Their song "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday" was the graduation song of the exiting Eighth Grade class. From that point on, I fell in love with their music. … Continue reading Motown Monday: Boyz II Men In Concert


Hair Business

Happy first day of October! Recently, I got myself a trim and had gotten side swept bangs again. For whatever reason, hair always looks better when you're fresh out of the salon. So for reasons beyond my comprehension, it's not quite the same when you're left to your own devices. I bought a couple of … Continue reading Hair Business