Food Overload – Thanksgiving 2015

During a time where there is so much devastation going on around the world, it can be sort of difficult to find things to be thankful for. This year I'd like to keep it simple: I'm thankful for my family & friends and the privilege to live the life I live. Yesterday was Thanksgiving in … Continue reading Food Overload – Thanksgiving 2015


MyIntent – PUSH

As I was browsing the Instagram "Explore Posts" section I stumbled upon this account called MyIntent. They personalize bracelets and necklaces with positive words or short phrases of your choice. I love the simplicity of an engraved washer on a string or chain. I bounced back and forth between the word I chose and the … Continue reading MyIntent – PUSH

Bus Ride to the Bay Area

Last weekend, I accompanied my mom to San Jose for her friend's birthday. Instead of flying out, we got a superb deal for a $20 round-trip via bus. I'm not the most pleasant passenger because I get car sick like no other - I'd much rather be the driver. It was a nice experience though, … Continue reading Bus Ride to the Bay Area


Aboard My First Aircraft Carrier – USS Midway

Last month, my parents and I went to San Diego to use up our free visit to Sea World. Since we had just gone there in August, we decided to add on visiting the USS Midway Museum - which can be found by Tuna Harbor (where the Unconditional Surrender statue is located). We spent a … Continue reading Aboard My First Aircraft Carrier – USS Midway