During the holiday season, you're bound to encounter people who are feeling extra blessed or feeling down because of various reasons like being away from family during the holidays. The past four┬áChristmases haven't been the same since my Lola passed away in 2011. My parents and I either have to make the extra effort to … Continue reading #BLESSED


The Love Story of Popoy and Basha

To Filipinos, the Philippine film industry is well-known for one of two things: great comedies and romantic dramas. It's no surprise that my top three Filipino movies are romantic dramas ("Labs Kita, Okey Ka Lang? (1998)", "Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita (1998)" and "One More Chance (2007)"). In 2007 we were introduced to the love … Continue reading The Love Story of Popoy and Basha

Planning for 2016

Happy first of December!! The holiday season is definitely in full swing. I hope everyone's starting to get into the holiday spirit! Technology has undoubtedly changed the way we plan and spend our days. For about four years, I've been a heavy Google Calendar user. I love how simple it's set up, how you can … Continue reading Planning for 2016