About Me

Kristina AnnBorn and raised in sunny Los Angeles, California. Dog and cat lover. Music aficionado. Pianist. Food enthusiast. Makeup hoarder. Math and science geek. Starbucks junkie. I Love Lucy and Friends trivia master. Self-proclaimed fangirl. Planner addict. Sarcasm queen. Android advocate. Game show nerd. Photography neophyte. Team “No Sleep”. Full-time shipper. Bleeds purple & gold. 

Why “It’s With a K”? I was going back and forth with whether or not I wanted to keep my blog page name (iamkristinaann) as the site title or go by the username (koolerbeans)I use for all my social media accounts. Then it dawned on me how would I verbally tell someone my site address, and all scenarios included “it’s with a K” – and it just kind of stuck.

Photo Devices: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Canon Rebel T3i. GoPro Hero3.


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