Santa Anita Loop Newbie

Back in April, I started hiking again to calm my nerves before my Exit exams and I feel that it really got me somewhat back into shape. During that time, I was able to phase out and control my intake of what I like to call “Asian Carbs” – which are like rice and noodles. However, since, these same carbs have found me, but that’s okay since I still have a hiking routine going.

A few weeks ago, my friends and I adventured out to the Santa Anita area to do the Santa Anita Loop. We started kind of early to ensure that we wouldn’t be out too long. It was a fairly nice day and the hike provided sufficient shade every so often to not have us borderline about to have a stroke.

In the past, I have done the part of the hike which includes Sturtevant Falls. With that particular trail, there are a number of creeks that you need to cross and I felt provided more shade than the Santa Anita Loop did.



Thankfully, one of my friend’s packed lunch and extra water because this hike was longer than I had anticipated. We did get lost on a few occasions, but still managed to make it out. After about seven hours of hiking and over 12 miles we actually completed the whole loop. I was so spent. But after the hike was done someone mentioned getting 7 Leaves (a cafe that sells my favorite Vietnamese Coffee and other delicious teas and boba). When 7 Leaves is mentioned, I’m a pretty agreeable person and even though I was disgustingly exhausted I was down for some iced tea. So off to Alhambra we went!

I hope to get a couple more of these kind of hikes in before the summer ends and work hopefully begins for me.

Till next time.


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