My NCLEX Story

Warning: This is a long one. I tried to be as honest and detailed as possible about my NCLEX journey. Before taking my NCLEX, I had told myself that I would definitely make a post about it. Now, having taken it, I really felt there was an absolute need for it. After reading tons of … Continue reading My NCLEX Story

My Nursing Pinning Ceremony

I'm definitely still trying to catch up on my post-graduation blogs and photos, so please bear with me. Exactly a month ago on June 21, 2018, as part of the completion of my nursing program, we had a pinning ceremony where we received our pins, lamps, and took our nursing oath. This event had much … Continue reading My Nursing Pinning Ceremony

The Road to Exits

My Bachelor of Science in Nursing Exit Examination was  just about a month ago, but I never got around to posting much about it.  As mentioned in my previous post, my exit exam was a 180-question exam to be completed within three hours. It essentially was a culmination of the whole program where everything and … Continue reading The Road to Exits