By The Bonfire

It’s been a long while since I’ve gone to a bonfire – literally in the double digits of years. I realized last week that this has easily been the most I’ve gone to the beach in one summer in my entire life and to think summer has just really begun. There is something absolutely peaceful about the waters, sand, and rays of the sun. Mind you, I really do need that beach umbrella because the only part of my body that I don’t mind getting tanned are my albino legs. Other than that, wrap me up in the best sunburn repellent clothing there is.

My friends planned a nice day at Point Mugu which is well up the PCH and felt much further than my brain had anticipated – even with early game-planning on potential traffic at certain hours of the day. I had to head to school to do some pinning ceremony prep that day and once I was done, I made the trek with some of my other friends. Thank goodness I didn’t drive that drive alone because I may have gone a little crazy with all the winding roads out of Agoura Hills.

It was such a wonderful day to be in good company, food, and even music. It definitely was a nice way to kick off the summer season and the next chapter in our lives.



Till next time.


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