Aboard My First Aircraft Carrier – USS Midway

Last month, my parents and I went to San Diego to use up our free visit to Sea World. Since we had just gone there in August, we decided to add on visiting the USS Midway Museum - which can be found by Tuna Harbor (where the Unconditional Surrender statue is located). We spent a … Continue reading Aboard My First Aircraft Carrier – USS Midway

Rediscovering Original Pilipino Music (OPM)

Alongside watching a tad bit too much of Filipino television, I've been rediscovering the world of OPM. Filipinos are notoriously known for their love of music and karaoke - a true Filipino household has at least one karaoke machine, true story. In my junior and high school years, I was slightly obsessed with Filipino music. … Continue reading Rediscovering Original Pilipino Music (OPM)