The High Roller at The LINQ

My friend and I took a ride at the High Roller at The LINQ. It’s been a couple of years since I has last visited Las Vegas, so this was completely new to me. Let it be known I’m deathly terrified of heights. So as we progressively got closer to boarding the cabin, my anxiety level reached a solid ten. As I’ve done more and more research on this attraction, apparently it’s the tallest observation wheel in the world – peaking at 550 feet. We got on the Happy Half-hour night ride which included an open bar. Our bartender didn’t skimp on the alcohol in her mixed drinks because one drink was more than enough to lower the anxiety level.

With all that being said, the view at night is simply breathtaking. You forget how beautiful the lights of Las Vegas are when you visit quite often.

Photos from up-top!


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