Atlanta Vibes

This following post has been sitting in my dashboard for about two months, about a trip that took place a month ago. When life gets busy, boy, does it.

2017 has definitely flown by. I cannot believe that it’s September already, and Los Angeles is definitely getting it’s share of the Summer heat. Last month, I was able to finally go on my first trip in over a year and a half – and it was well overdue. I traveled across the country to Atlanta to see the bestie, who I hadn’t seen since the same time last year. I was there for three nights and got my good share of the Atlanta heat, Hotlanta is no joke.

The flight to Atlanta was pretty smooth. Ended up watching “Fate of the Furious” and “27 Dresses” whilst still getting some work done.

On my first full day there, we did all your traditional tourist stuff like visiting CNN Center, World of Coca-Cola, the Georgia Aquarium, and riding the SkyView Atlanta. I also finally got to eat at Waffle House, which I’ve been seeing all over social media for years now, but because we don’t have it here, have never had a chance to try it. We had dinner at the ever classic Johnny Rockets (of course, I know we have this back home), but their Route 66 burger is the best.

The following day, we were super exhausted from all the walking we had done and decided to do low stimulus activities. We hit up the Starbucks Reserve so I could get my “You Are Here” Atlanta mug and we both tried The Melrose cold brew. We proceeded to spend the majority of our day at Ponce City Market. We didn’t think we’d be able to eat up the whole day, but after trying out all the food places and discovering this cute shop Sugarboo & Co., the day was pretty much over. We grabbed some sweets at Sweet Cheats bakery, and spent the rest of night watching movies and catching up at the bestie’s place.

On my last day, we head over to Suwanee to have brunch with the bestie’s mom and sister at Another Broken Egg Cafe (in Johns Creek), which ironically enough we have here in Burbank. Afterwards, we made the trek over to Jaemor Farms, where I had, by far, the juiciest peach ever. Didn’t know there was more than just your yellow and white peach! Apparently, they’re well known for their peach ice cream and pies, which were both actually quite tasty. We headed back to the condo where I had to repack my luggage, because somehow I still left with as much as came with. As a send-off, we watched the Backstreet Boys film (because why not?), then headed to airport.

I had so much work to do on the plane, but it was such a turbulent flight that I ended up just watching “Hidden Figures” and random “Law & Order: SVU” episodes to make time fly. Eventually, I was able to fall asleep and by the time I woke up, the plane was already starting to descend for landing at LAX.

I had so much finally being to get away for a few days and spend some quality time with bestie. My next getaway probably won’t happen till next summer.

Till next time.

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