Flashback Friday: Musical Blast From The Past

As I said in a previous post, I’ve noticed that my iPod has a scary amount of songs. Alongside that, I’m terrified my iPod will die on me as a result. I’ve had one large capacity iPod years ago which died a year and three months after I bought it – R.I.P. AmiE.

This past week, I’ve been Spring Cleaning (or rather Fall Cleaning) my iPod (her name is iTing) and removing songs that either I’ve never listened to or are doubles (plus formatting some songs that drive my anal retentive brain insane).

Here are some songs that rushed me back to my grade school days. Anyone remember these hidden gems?

A1 – Like A Rose
Damage – Forever
B4-4 – Endlessly
UNV – So In Love
Youngstown – Remember
702 – Don’t You Go Breaking My Heart
Voices of Theory – Say It
Remedy – Closer
Ghost Town DJ’s – My Boo
Trademark – Only Love
INOJ – As We Lay
Buffy – Give Me A Reason
One Vo1ce – Always On My Mind
Utada Hikaru – First Love

I really love how technology can easily take you back like 15 years. Till next time.


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