My Perfect Matte Lipstick

As a make up lover, I can't deny the constant "need" to find the newest, hottest makeup item. Along with that I've beenĀ in search for the perfect matte lipstick. There are a ton of matte lipsticks out in the market, but more often than not the problem is with the formula. Most of the time, … Continue reading My Perfect Matte Lipstick

DIY Crafty Reblog – Nail Polish Rack

This following post is actually taken from my Tumblr from a few years ago. My nail polish collection has continued to grow and can't actually fit in this whole rack. Whoops. However, I still find that this is a fun, inexpensive DIY storage option for those with many nail polishes. Hope this helps you. ***** … Continue reading DIY Crafty Reblog – Nail Polish Rack