My Perfect Matte Lipstick

As a make up lover, I can’t deny the constant “need” to find the newest, hottest makeup item. Along with that I’ve been in search for the perfect matte lipstick. There are a ton of matte lipsticks out in the market, but more often than not the problem is with the formula. Most of the time, it’s either too drying or doesn’t apply on the lips smoothly and evenly.

For years, my holy grail lipstick was Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Born With It. It was easily a no-fuss, easy, every day color for me. In my early years of make up use, I loved not needing to spend too much time on make up application, so a pinky nude was perfect for me.

A few months ago on a whim at Ulta, I picked up Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lip Color in Lust For Blush. After my first application of it, I knew almost instantly that it was going to go well. It applies very smoothly without drag or patchiness. The shade isn’t exactly one of my go-to colors, but the pink-berry shade isn’t hard for me to pull off (Side note: I’m a MAC NC 35). What’s great about the formula is not only is it not drying, but the color really does linger on the lips. I’m always drinking water and wiping my mouth for whatever reason, and lipsticks don’t tend to last all that long on me because of that. But with this particular line, this isn’t at all a problem.


Recently, I added a couple more colors to my collection, one of which is great for every day use (Daringly Nude) and another perfect for the fall season (Touch of Spice). Don’t know if I’ll be grabbing any of the other colors because they’re all shades I don’t really wear. But these three are perfect, so I’m fairly positive I’ll be stocking up on these in the future.


Pretty sure the search for the perfect matte is over for me.


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