Blog Goals

I’ve got to admit that putting this site together has given me some sort of a thrill. Trying to figure out how to navigate through the admin panel and choosing how I’d like to host and post my pics have kept me up way past a reasonable bedtime.

Currently I’ve been trying to sort through my – already too organized – external hard drive and uploading a few of my favorite photos onto what WordPress calls a “portfolio” – fancy. For the most part, I’ve got most of the pictures I want to be able to quickly look back on onto here – limiting shots to within the last 12 months.

I figure if I start setting goals for myself and post them here, I’ve got some accountability. I, also, figure if I make a promise to myself to post at least once a week, I’ll have something substantial to look back on in future years. I’d like to greatly improve my photography skills and writing skills. I’ve got to say that over the years I’ve definitely been a frustrated writer and poet (meaning can’t creatively write for squat), ultimately resorting to reading other peoples’ works to get over the itch. Hopefully when I start crossing off things on my mental bucket list, I’ll have more worthy things to post. But, till then random photos and never ending ramblings will have to suffice.

Tonight’s project was compiling photos I’ve taken around the greater Los Angeles area. So, if you’ve got some time please take a gander, and I hope you enjoy – Random Los Angeles Hot Spots.


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