Planner and GoPro Hero3

Today, I’ve on-and-off been brainstorming ideas for what I want to do with this blog. I spent a good chunk of time planning out the next couple of months. One of my summer goals is to hit up a total of 12 Los Angeles County attractions – possibly more. As a result, I’ve been really putting to use my planner. I know pimping out planners has suddenly been a thing over the last year or so, and as a result, I’ve bought an unnecessary, but well intentioned, amount of colored gel pens and washi tape.

Where was I going with this? *back reads* Oh, so I’m entering my sixth month of using my planner and looking back it’s gradually been getting more and more used. I’ve grown so accustomed to my Google Calendar, which syncs amongst all my devices, that reverting back to “high school planner” days has taken a lot of getting used to. There’s something almost relaxing about sitting down and just writing things out. So, progress for me in this sense is definitely good. I figure by 2016 I may need a Filofax – yeah, right.

Last night, I ordered a GoPro Hero3. Nothing especially fancy and more on the inexpensive side. I’ve always wanted to fool around with a GoPro but couldn’t justify shelling out $400 (more or else) for another camera when I’ve had my Canon Rebel T3i for over three years and really have yet to learn a fourth of its features and capabilities. But the GoPro Hero price was just right to buy and finally meddle around with.

Till next time.


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