Flashback Friday: Meeting Bruno Mars


#FLASHBACKFRIDAY #FBF: It’s definitely times like this when I’m so grateful to have the bestest friend ever. I can’t believe it’s been almost five years. The best friend and I were headed to The Grove of Los Angeles that day to watch “Dancing With The Stars” that evening. Luck had it that Bruno Mars was heading over there to film a segment for “Extra” with Mario Lopez. I had arrived first and the best friend was heading over from work. I positioned myself right up front where “Extra” had set their system up. Not too long after, I got a call from the bestie telling me to haul my butt over to the parking garage. I had no idea why but when your best friend tells you to haul butt, you do that and then some. I’m pretty sure there were moments when I was flying across the way. As soon as I got there, the fan girl in me was absolutely exploding. I really can’t recall what blabbering words I spit out, but I still got my three minutes of Bruno Mars. T’was glorious.


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