Free Museum Day in Southern California

A few weeks ago, my friends and I ventured out to Downtown Los Angeles to take advantage of Free Museum Day in Southern California. We headed out to mainly visit the California ScienCenter (which is apparently free every day anyway) and the Space Shuttle Endeavour. I haven't been to the ScienCenter in almost 20 years. … Continue reading Free Museum Day in Southern California

New Year’s Day in Las Vegas, NV

After spending New Year's in Vegas a few years back, I vowed to never do New Year's there again. However, my mom wanted to get away from Los Angeles for the New Year and, of course, Vegas is always her first choice. Las Vegas on New Year's Day is not my scene whatsoever. The big … Continue reading New Year’s Day in Las Vegas, NV


During the holiday season, you're bound to encounter people who are feeling extra blessed or feeling down because of various reasons like being away from family during the holidays. The past four Christmases haven't been the same since my Lola passed away in 2011. My parents and I either have to make the extra effort to … Continue reading #BLESSED