Sunday Spotlight: Three.Sixty.Five


Today, I’d like to spotlight Three.Sixty.Five. My best friend, Katie, has been teaching English in South Korea for just about six months. She is certainly an inspirational being. Her knack for writing and photography is absolutely inspiring and it definitely drives me. Katie and I met back in high school and shared an affinity for Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. And by affinity, I mean 100% pure obsession. For two seemingly different teenage girls, we had so much in common.

We lost touch for about eight years when she moved away, but with the aid of my two seconds of fame on “Access Hollywood” (0:04 mark)  and MySpace we connected again. If I didn’t know any better we shared the same brain. We almost always share the same interests and opinions, it’s great. She is the Meredith Grey to my Cristina Yang (or vice-versa, depending on what day).

So, as I countdown as patiently as possible for her return, I now live off of her Kakao messages, Instagram tags, snaps on Snapchat, and this blog.

Miss you, buddy!


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