Dad’s Birthday at SeaWorld San Diego


This year, my dad wanted to spend his birthday at no other than SeaWorld San Diego. We were able to score some tickets through his work, giving us not only a discount on admission but a free day. Sweet deal.

We started the day by visiting Tuna Harbor to see the USS Midway, “Unconditional Surrender” and the Bob Hope Memorial. Dad really wanted to get onboard the USS Midway, but they didn’t open till 10am. Plus, we had to get to SeaWorld well before that.

We had such a blast at SeaWorld from the shows to rides. I rode Manta all by my lonesome because my parents knew they wouldn’t be able to hang. I’m TERRIFIED of roller coaster rides, but I had to get on this ride so at least I could say I’d been on it. Oh my gosh, I legit felt like throwing up afterwards. That ride will certainly do things to you that can really make you sick.

I don’t remember the last time I was at SeaWorld, I want to say a good 13 years ago. It’s still a very family friendly place and seeing “Shamu”, Seamore & Clyde and the Dolphins make it worthwhile. But I have to say the true hidden gem of SeaWorld is their Pets Rule! show – I would watch that again and again. From dogs to cats to kangaroos to ostriches, you name it, they probably had it. Now if I could only teach my cat and my dogs those tricks.

All in all and great way to spend Dad’s birthday. Only downside was the RIDICULOUS tan I got. In all my life I’ve never gotten that tanned. Thank goodness for witch hazel and ice cold milk compresses.

Photos from SeaWorld

Till next time…


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