Food Overload – Thanksgiving 2015

During a time where there is so much devastation going on around the world, it can be sort of difficult to find things to be thankful for. This year I’d like to keep it simple: I’m thankful for my family & friends and the privilege to live the life I live.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in America. This Thanksgiving also noted the first major holiday without my grandma. We ended up taking out my grandpa for lunch at Osaka Seafood Buffet in Glendale. It’s such a joy watching him eat with gusto and listen to stories I’ve heard many, many times. Of course, there were the occasional stories I’ve never heard in my life that I’m fairly positive are now just a fabrication in my grandpa’s mind.

That evening, we spent Thanksgiving at my goddaughter’s house, where her mom (who I call my aunt) prepared quite the feast. Ironically, this was the first Thanksgiving I ever had turkey. Just as ironically, it was my aunt’s first time preparing a turkey. She was so stressed over it, but it turned out perfectly – juicy, tender, and well-seasoned.

My goddaughter finally got her birthday gift from her parents , which was a hoverboard (or hands free segway). I made it a mission that after dinner I would learn how to use one of those things. It’s certainly hard than it looks, and I totally fell HARD on my bum within the first 5 minutes of getting on it. Winning. It was definitely quite the experience, and it reminded me a lot of ice-skating, which I haven’t done in over 10 years.

Today is Black Friday in America, where retailers finally crossover from being in the red and into the black. I promised myself I would never do a Black Friday run again. There’s nothing exciting about running on zero sleep, hunting for parking, walking in crowds, and standing in lines. Online shopping nowadays sounds the most appealing to me. I’ve already started checking people off my list, but still have a bit to go.

Hopefully, everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Much love from my family to yours.


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