Planning for 2016


Happy first of December!! The holiday season is definitely in full swing. I hope everyone’s starting to get into the holiday spirit!

Technology has undoubtedly changed the way we plan and spend our days. For about four years, I’ve been a heavy Google Calendar user. I love how simple it’s set up, how you can easily merge different calendars, and how it syncs on all your devices (computer, smartphone and tablet).

This past 2015, I took on going back to the “old-fashioned” way of planning things – using a planner/agenda. However, I didn’t abandon my Google Calendar because it’s just too practical not too. The planner became more of a supplement and kind of a hobby. I stocked up on washi tapes, stickers, and colored gel pens, and worked on it over the past year. Definitely not a pro by any means, but there was something really fun about having a tangible planner.

For 2016, I decided to splurge on an Erin Condren Life Planner. I know, I know it’s kind of costly for a planner. But I have new, big plans for myself in 2016, so I figure I’d get a good jump start on things.

There’s a plethora of covers to choose from and a bunch of different ways to customize them. I chose the values – LifePlanner because I love the simplicity and how I can customize it with 12 of my own motivational words/phrases. I chose the following for mine:

  • be positive
  • push
  • breathe
  • let go
  • focus
  • be fearless
  • inspire
  • hustle
  • be thankful
  • achieve
  • pray
  • manalig (Tagalog for “have faith or trust in; believe”)

I chose to pick it up at their offices in Hawthorne, CA, and I’m sort of glad I did. You can get a little peak into how they make their products.

The packaging is so cute, definitely something I’ll be holding on to – positive vibes beaming right from the get-go.

20151123_133420 20151123_133605

I love how the planner came out, and I can’t wait to get started on “decorating” it. 2016, here I come.




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