First Big Thrill of 2016

As you know, I spent New Year’s Day in Las Vegas. After spending hours in the dry, cold streets of Las Vegas my lips were getting super dry and chapped. It’s such a pain in the butt to keep pulling out my EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint when you’re all bundled up. So what I did was just lather good, ol’ Vaseline on my lips. But I remember distinctly thinking, gosh I wish they still made  Natural Ice lip balm.

During my high school years, Natural Ice lip balm was my holy grail of holy grail lip balms. In high school, I was always putting lip balm on, so much that it was actually my yearbook photo senior year… #embarrassing

Not too long after high school, when I went to CVS they no longer carried it. I then checked out Rite Aid and nothing. Oh the humanity. It was the saddest news EVER. Okay, not really. But for my chapped lips they were. Since then, I’ve used the likes of Carmex and EOS as my go-to lip balms, and they did what they needed to do. So I can’t complain all that much.

Recently, I was at Kaiser Permanente’s Pharmacy and spotted theses unicorns in the corner of my eye and had a legit freak out moment. Natural Ice! I’m now looking at the picture and feel the need to run back and back up my back ups. Natural Ice moisturizes your lips just right with no sticky residue and has that tingly feeling of menthol that I love. I’m over the moon that I found these. I wonder if they really did stop selling ’em or if they were just pulled from chain drugstores. I checked Target and CVS since finding these and couldn’t find one. I’m interested to see if the Original one is on the market – that one was my favorite.


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