Random Thought of the Day

There are very few things in life that people can’t take away from you, one of which is knowledge. Always remain teachable. Even when you feel you may know everything there is left to know about life, stay teachable. It’ll be your greatest asset till you’re gray and old. You’ll thank yourself.

But unfortunately there are even more, grander things that people will try to and may succeed at taking away from you: your self-respect, your freedom, your body, and so forth. They may even try to take away your freedom to make your own decisions to think and feel the way you do. Don’t let them. Hold steadfast to your freedom to make your own choice. Your right to say what’s on your mind, your right to feel the way you feel. The way I see it, if you aren’t hurting anyone with your words or your thoughts and feelings on things, why should you allow others to think for you?

Random thought, friends. Have a wonderful week.


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