New To iOS – iPod Touch

I’ve been an Android user for at least 5 years, I believe. Previous to that, I was a Blackberry girl. I wasn’t all that interested in getting an Apple device because as far as I was concerned, the iPod Classic has always been more than enough for me.

iPod touch 6th gen

Recently, I purchased the iPod Touch (6th Generation). I was in the market for something other than my cellphone that would function like my Galaxy 4 Tablet, but on a more handheld scale. I love my tablet, and it’s great for on the go writing, reading, and surfing the net. It’s wonderful because I had invested in a keyboard for it, so it’s like a mini-laptop.

But as I was saying, I wanted something more that would run my apps. What better way to test out Apple’s iOS than with the iPod touch. It’s very compact and essentially has all the features of an iPhone sans being an actual phone.

I have to say I’m very impressed with its speed and the quality of the front and rear facing cameras. I do use it to use it online music streaming apps like Spotify, but not really for storing my mp3s. I still use my beloved iPod Classic for that.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with my iPod touch. Would I switch over to iOS? Most probably not. I’ve grown too accustomed to the Android format and its use of Google apps/programs. So, you can bet that when my phone is up for renewal, I’ll still be getting the Samsung Galaxy 7.

Till next time, loves.


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