Late Birthday Blog

So this post has been sitting in my drafts  for weeks. A few weeks ago I celebrated my birthday, and like previous birthdays it came and went and I feel just slightest bit older. Although I didn’t do anything incredibly exciting or out of the ordinary this year, I did get some pretty awesome gifts.

First is the Fujiilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic. Although I have yet to use the darn thing, it’s absolutely cute. I watched demos and reviews on YouTube and I love the freedom in creativity one can have with this camera. I don’t have anything planned for this Summer, but hopefully there’s at least a couple of things that come up that allow me to play with it.


Another gift that actually ties in really well with this camera is the Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone portable printer. Oh my word. This I have actually had the chance to play with, and it’s quite great. It uses the same film as the Instax Mini 90, but hooks up to you cell phone via Bluetooth. Using their app you’re able to crop or center the photo as well as add filters which I love. No bum photos.


One more little gadget I got was the Samsung Gear Fit. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and I really like it. It hooks up well to my Galaxy S5 cell phone tracking my steps, sleep and workouts as well as serving as a watch. What I love best about it is that it receives notifications from my cell phone (i.e. incoming calls, text messages, app notification, etc.) – it does it by vibrating. Which is wonderful, because I do not need a watch that serves as a phone that rings and what not. The watch’s vibrating is all I need.


Lastly is actually a non-gadget gift. I’ve been in the market for a black, leather cross body purse, and I love the pebble leather quality of this Coach purse and the gold hardware. The size is perfect. It can also be converted for different uses, such as a short shoulder bag or even as a wristlet/clutch.


I really need to get back into blogging, but you know life happens and certain things get neglected, and unfortunately this blog is one of ’em.

Here are couple of photos from that weekend. I love how these restaurants offer their photography services.

Talk to you soon.


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