Paint Nite at Pinocchio’s

Sometimes it’s not always easy to make time to go catch up with friends, or even muster up enough energy to do so. All the reason I cherish the quality time I spend with friends. Last week, my friends and I attended our first Paint Nite at Pinocchio’s in Pasadena. Essentially Paint Nite is a two-hour event where they walk you through painting your version of the artwork sample on display. With the exception of my musical abilities, I am without a doubt artistically challenged. To the extent that painting a circle is a big production that would probably end up looking like a square.

I haven’t seen these two in almost a year, so this night out of relaxation was long overdue. Nothing brings more joy than being around great company.


For 2-hours, one blank canvas, three paint brushes, 5 primary colors paint, a glass of wine, catching up and laughing, I think we did a really solid job on our paintings.



The final product

Till next time.










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