Motivations and Revelations

I can't believe we've already breezed through one-twelfth of 2017, and are well on our way to crushing through an already short February. This year, I'm trying to be more cognizant that this blog exists for the purposes of what I ultimately wanted it to be - something that I could look back on in … Continue reading Motivations and Revelations

New To iOS – iPod Touch

I've been an Android user for at least 5 years, I believe. Previous to that, I was a Blackberry girl. I wasn't all that interested in getting an Apple device because as far as I was concerned, the iPod Classic has always been more than enough for me. Recently, I purchased the iPod Touch (6th … Continue reading New To iOS – iPod Touch


During the holiday season, you're bound to encounter people who are feeling extra blessed or feeling down because of various reasons like being away from family during the holidays. The past four Christmases haven't been the same since my Lola passed away in 2011. My parents and I either have to make the extra effort to … Continue reading #BLESSED