Paint Nite at Pinocchio’s

Sometimes it's not always easy to make time to go catch up with friends, or even muster up enough energy to do so. All the reason I cherish the quality time I spend with friends. Last week, my friends and I attended our first Paint Nite at Pinocchio's in Pasadena. Essentially Paint Nite is a two-hour … Continue reading Paint Nite at Pinocchio’s

Where did 2016 go?

2016 came and went faster than any other year of my existence.  In 2016, I started a new chapter of my life that has been filled with challenge after challenge after challenge. But in more ways than one, it has been incredibly rewarding. What may come easy to others has required much more from me. … Continue reading Where did 2016 go?


During the holiday season, you're bound to encounter people who are feeling extra blessed or feeling down because of various reasons like being away from family during the holidays. The past four Christmases haven't been the same since my Lola passed away in 2011. My parents and I either have to make the extra effort to … Continue reading #BLESSED